What Is The Distance From Lagos To Abuja In Nigera?


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The distance from the Nigerian city of Lagos to the capital city of Abuja in Nigeria is roughly 725 kilometers by road, which equates to roughly 450 miles.

The roads are not completely straight though, so if you are looking for a straight distance ('as the crow flies') from point to point, then the distance is reduced to roughly 540 kilometers or 336 miles.

  • Abuja
Abuja was a city planned and built by the Nigerian government throughout the 1980s and it replaced Lagos as Nigeria's capital city in 1991. The city was built in a similar mould to Brazilian capital city Brasilia. Abuja was created in part due to the overcrowding and population boom in Lagos, allowing for the need for a new, big city.

  • Lagos
Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria by population, with over 7 million people residing in the city. The city hosts a large port and, despite being stripped of the title of capital city in 1991, is still the largest city in terms of trade and business in Nigeria.

  • How to travel there
By car, the Nigerian highways and roads are well developed between the two cities and the drive should take roughly 10 hours. The drive will also take you past another Nigerian city, Ibadan.

Both Lagos and Abuja also have airports, so a plane from city to city would be the fastest option. The plane ride can take as little as an hour and a half and is quite reasonably priced. Many online air companies offer the flight for roughly 75 US Dollars.

Both cities also have railway stations, with a link between the two cities, and it will take roughly three hours to get from city to city by train. However, this is perhaps the most unreliable form of travel between the two cities.
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The suggested route is A124, about 747km, it will take you 10hours 13minutes by car.
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543.1 kilometer
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The Distance between Lagos (Lagos,Nigeria) and Abuja (Abuja Federal Capital Territory,Nigeria) is 541.54 kilometers (km).
In Other Units:
336.5 miles.
292.22 nautical mile.
You can also select more places in Lagos to get their distance from Abuja. Just click on Lagos-Abuja Distance Calculator and choose any location from list.

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