What's the best holiday you had, where and when?


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This summer spending most of the time for blurtit
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Ever since I spent Christmas 1972 and News tears Day 1973 in a POW camp in Vietnam, I thank God for every Holiday I'm around to see come and they are all the best
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Vacationing in the New  England States in the fall is picture perfect. When the tide went out and we could walk on the ocean floor  was very exceptional - we found all kinds of different life forms. It was like being on the Discovery Channel Live. It was in Nov.07 with my hubby. Our motel was on a cliff overlooking the ocean so when the sun came up through the patio doors - it was like waking up to a rainbow. Then at night -we'd lay on the grass and look at the layers and layers of   stars.
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catherine adams
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That's beautiful Peggy - thanks. Have a good day, you transported me to sea and cliffs and so much more!
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I think India , Nepal, Bhutan , is the right place for holidays for any time you may go to adventure tours india
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I had done a best holiday a year ago at orange  beach Alabama, with my family. It was truly an extraordinary trip i ever had.

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