What City Would You Most Like To Visit At Christmas, And Why?


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Sydney, just something about it.
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There are two - and before I shuffle off this mortal coil, I might manage both. Prague - and Wenceslas Square - where I'm told the atmosphere at Christmas is just wonderful - It's a nice enough place any time of the year, but I've never made it there at Christmas. Bethlehem in Palestine. I've been to Israel, a number of times, but never made it to Bethlehem (my Israeli friends think it too dangerous for Jews to visit). But by all accounts, the people are friendly enough to tourists. I've seen most other biblical sights in Israel - Bethlehem would complete the set. (And all this from a religious agnostic.)
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It's a toss-up between two: Paris, or Stockholm. Paris because it's the most romantic city, and - according to Fodor's - is still holding out against the ostentatious materialism that's threatening to ruin Christmas in much of the developed world; and Stockholm, the Venice of the North.

I really can't choose, so I'd have to visit both - and maybe add Vienna, Venice and Prague to the list, as well. That should keep me busy for the next few Christmases!
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Israel of course, Bethlehem to be baptized in the Jordan river - the reason for the season/everything we are and have.
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I prefer to visit Orange Beach , Alabama .its a amazing place to praise every celebration so i personally  go to Celebrate my Christmas at orange beach ....!!!!

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