What Are The Travel Options To Get From London, UK To Rimini, Italy?


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From London to Rimini, which is a coastal city on the eastern coast of Italy, south of Venice, famous for nightclubs beachholidays and wall to wall people, can be accessed by air from Standsted Airport in Uk. Ryan Air fly to Forli which is near Bologna which is in the same province as Rimini. You could then take a train to Rimini or hire a car through the Ryan Air website.
Easy jet also fly into many Italian locations now, as do B.A. They fly from Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted. You could drive to Rimini or take a train.
Other cities with easy to links to Rimini are Rome, Milan and Florence they are all within two or three hours.Depends what your time frame is, are you in a rush, are you on holiday, do you want to see other places.?
The fastest,cheapest way is to fly into Forli with Ryan Air, since its a short hop to Rimini
Happy Travelling!

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