How Far Is Syracuse From Philadelphia?


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Bout 5 hours by car.  Syracuse NY to Phila PA
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The City and County of Philadelphia is the biggest ands the most populated city in the state of Pennsylvania. It is sometimes called as 'Philly' in a colloquial fashion. The name is actually derived from the Greek term for 'The City of Brotherly Love'. In the course of the eighteenth century, it was the first ever capital in the United States.

According to the population census in the year 2005, it housed an approximate of 1,463.281 residents. It is an important commercial, educational and cultural region for the country.

Syracuse is the name of a city located in Davis County in the American state of Utah. It was incorporated in the 1935, on the 3rd of September. According to the population census taken in the year 2006, it housed a total of 21,100 inhabitants.

Philadelphia is at a distance of 1,924 miles from Syracuse, Utah.

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