How Much Does A Mexican Passport Cost?


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The prices of passports for any country can change every month or year so the best way to be sure is to get in touch with your home government that specializes in organizing passports and immigration. You will need to own a valid passport in order to travel across borders and to other countries.

Actually obtaining a Mexican passport is quite an easy thing to do. You will just need proof of your Mexican citizenship, 2 passport sized photographs that abide by the regulations, valid photographing identification and the necessary passport fees. Below are some steps on how to get a Mexican passport.

  • Step one. The first thing that you need to do is to locate and contact the Mexican consulate that is nearest to you. Once you have, you can ask them for the Mexican Ordinary Passport Application. However, it is usually required that you make an appointment due to the very high demands for passports. The correct form can also be downloaded from the Internet via this web page: Http://
  • Step two. You will need to show valid proof that you have a Mexican nationality with providing a certificate of your nationality, an original birth certificate, a declaration of nationality, naturalization card or a citizen ID card.
  • Step three. Along with the form, you will need to submit one form of photographing identification. You will also need to provide two color photographs that are passport sized. They must follow all stated passport regulations for photographs. Also, these photographs must be taken no later than 30 days before you submit your passport application.
  • Step four. Pay a visit to the SRE website to arrange the necessary passport fees. Once this has been finalized, you can complete your application and made the necessary payments at your Mexican Consulate appointment. After this, you should receive your passport after two to three weeks.

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