Can My Baby Absorbed Me As A Canadian Citizen If I Delivered Her In Canada,even If Im Only A Tourist?


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If you re visiting Canada on a tourist visa and give birth to a baby there during that visit:

The baby will indeed have Canadian citizenship, but this does not pass to you just because you are a close blood relative. If you want to become a Canadian citizen you still have to follow naturalisation procedures. This normally involves being at least 18 years old, living in Canada for 3 years, being a current resident when applying, passing a test about Canada and learning rights and responsibilities of being a citizen.

It's worth keeping in mind that your country of origin may not allow dual citizenship; for instance, India does not. So if an Indian woman gives birth to a child in Canada, India requires that the parents choose which country that the child will be a citizen of (either India OR Canada). Canada requires that citizens revoke citizenship, though. This situation can lead to a person being accused of duplicity and criminality by the Indian government at a later date if they haven't bothered to renounce their Canadian birthright.
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Is there benefits for the parents of a canadian born child,if they are working in canada but not yet citizens?
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Then what residential right do I stand to gain if my child is born in canada even if I am a tourist?

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