How To Get A Tourist Visa In Australia As A Filipino Citizen?


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Have a look at this site; it will tell you everything that you need to know about getting a tourist visa for Australia from wherever you happen to be in the world:, as long as you have a passport.

A tourist visa will allow the holder to visit Australia for a holiday or for recreation, and to visit family and friends. The reasons for visiting the country can be other than those stated, such as for studying, as long as you do not work and the time period is for less than three months.

If you are already in Australia and would like to stay for longer, you can apply for this type of visa to extend your stay, but it is not suitable for those who want to work in Australia, or who want to reside there. If you want to do either of these, you must apply for a different, more appropriate visa.

If you have already taken advantage of a tourist visa and you would like another one, you need to spend some time outside of Australia before you become eligible for one again.

There are a variety of different visas if you would like to work in Australia, depending on what kind of employment you are looking for, or currently have. There are a variety of charges for the different types of visas that there are, and in most instances, the cost of the one that you apply for will not be refunded if your application is rejected.

If you decide that you would like to stay in Australia permanently then you have to apply for a permanent residency visa. There are very strict criteria that needs to be met before you will be granted this type of visa, but if you get one you may, ultimately, be able to apply for Australian citizenship if you want to.
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How can I apply for tourist visa in Australia if I'm holding a philippine passport? I have relative there in australia,then I'm planning for vacation in australia how will I do it?
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I am a registered nurse in Philippines. I work for two years but recently I am unemployed. I am married last June 09 with a Filipino seaman. I want to travel to Australia. I have a sister living in Sydney for 6yrs w/ an British/Australian husband. My sister has no work and his husband is a retired teacher so their income is not that high enough to sponsor me. So, here's my question:1. One of the tourist visa requirement in Au is I think an employment contract/ a leave form from your company - how will I get that if I don't have work as of the moment? Will is it possible that my visa will be denied?2. My sister falls on a low income family, but they can accommodate my stay since they're living in a 3 bedroom apartment.3. I don't have asset, a property or a house for instance to show to the embassy.Would a tourist visa be possible for my case?
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I do have fiancee in australia and he wanted me to have a visit there and now we don't know whats the requirements and how am I going to go there. Will you help us how? We've been together for 2 years already and he came here to philippines as well and visit me already...
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Get so good advice from reputable immigration company like ANZVAC you can go online and he they have most answers to your questions.
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Tell them the truth and take the experience certificate. You can apply for Australian Tourist Visa or Immigration online from Australian Immigration Official Website. Visit the following link for the complete information about getting the tourist visa for Australia. Australian Visa

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