What Is The Closest Beach To Bethlehem, PA?


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There are about 10 beaches that are within approximately 30-100 miles from Bethlehem in Pennsylvania. These are the closest ones:
  • Jersey Shore
  • West End Beach
  • Robinson Beach
Jersey Shore is the closest beach, even though the locals prefer to call it a Shore rather than a beach. There is even a TV program on MTV called Jersey Shore.
Nearby, there is also a beach called Barnegat Beach where there are miles of long sandy beaches with sand dunes making this beach very popular.
The best way to find out the exact location and distance would be to get a map of the area or search the internet and here you will find all sorts of information and directions too.

Other beaches in Pennsylvania include:
  • Huquenot Beach
  • Annadale Beach
  • New Sebago Beach
  • Oakwood Beach
  • New Dorp Beach
  • Midland Beach,
All of these beaches are within approximately 30 - 100 miles of Bethlehem PA.
If you are looking for things to do in Bethlehem PA and you don't want to travel to the beach, then why not stay more local as there is plenty to see and do in Bethlehem including Theme Parks, parks, golf and shopping. Dutch springs is an Aqua park and is extremely popular with families.
Although there isn't many beaches that are local to Bethlehem, there are many lakes in Bethlehem, some man made and some natural, offering fishing and other recreational uses. There are many lakes that offer vacation rentals. Again the best way to find these will be searching online.

Here are a few websites that offer information on Bethlehem PA:
Most places you visit in the world will have a tourist information outlet generally within the main town and offering free information, directions and distances of where to go and places of interest.

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