How Far Is Hollywood, CA From San Diego?


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Hollywood is approximately 126 miles or 203 kilometres from San Diego. Obviously this differs slightly depending on where you class as your exact departure and arrival point, but from approximate centre to centre this is the distance.

This journey should take around 2hrs 15mins with no traffic, but at rush hour and peak times the journey is more likely to take around four hours. Remember that traffic in LA can be very bad and gets especially tedious on a Friday and so it is best to avoid peak times in this area.

The journey time and distance given is based on the following route. Join the US-101 S out of Hollywood, then merge on to the I-5 S and then take a slight left turn to I-805 S. Continue for just over 100 miles then take exit 20 to merge onto CA-163 S toward Downtown. From here continue onto 10th avenue, and then take your left at the second cross street onto 8th Avenue. This takes you to central San Diego.

If you decide not to drive, the next best option would be the train. You can board an Amtrak train in Downtown San Diego, Solana Beach or Oceanside and take it all the way up to Union Station in Downtown LA. Once at Union Station you can walk down to the RED Line subway and take the subway train directly into Hollywood. The train ride takes about 2hrs 45 mins and the subway is about 15 minutes from Downtown to Hollywood.
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The distance between Hollywood California and San Diego California as the crow flies is approximately a little more than a 112 miles or 180 kilometres. The distance by road is around 126 miles or 203 kilometres. When travelling from Hollywood to San Diego the general direction one will travel will be towards the south east. Both these places are located on the west coast of California north of the border with Mexico.

Hollywood is the name of a district in Los Angeles; its name has become synonymous with that of the American film Industry due to it being the historic centre of stars and film studios. The Walk of Fame, the sign of Hollywood on the hillside and the Academy awards are landmarks of the district that are recognized the world over and not just in the United States.

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