How Far Is Newport Beach From Huntington Beach?


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The distance between Newport Beach and Huntington Beach is 7.4 miles. This relatively short distance can be traversed in a matter of just 17 minutes. You need to drive your vehicle towards Newport Blvd, move right at Newport Ave, turn left at E Adams Ave and then finally turn right to Main St. The steps are given in a more detailed manner at,

One has to log on to the above mentioned site and then enter the places you have to find the distance for. In this case, since we need to find the driving distance and route with respect to Newport Beach from Huntington Beach, we need to mention the two places in the boxes given and hit 'get directions.' On the left side of the screen, is a series of 8 directional steps while on the right side is a map which gives information which is lucid and easy to comprehend.

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