How Far Is It From Pensacola To Navarre Beach Florida?


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The distance is between 25 and 26 miles from Pensacola to Navarre Beach, this equates to between 40 and 41 km.

There are two almost identical routes to travel from Pensacola to the beach, which take around 45 minutes by car. By foot, the journey is around four hours and by bike the journey would obviously be much quicker.

The route itself is straightforward; start at the US-98 E/Pensacola Bay Bridge and keep following the US-98 E route over and south. There are two turns to reach the Navarre Beach; you can turn early - onto the FL-399 S causeway and then follow the beach boulevard or alternatively you can stick with the US-98 E and exit at the FL-399 N causeway, which is right by the Navarre Beach.

If you're using Google for directions you should note that they are currently in the process of expanding their map and journey planning services. This means that routes given for pedestrians and cyclists often follow the most common road routes and may miss out sidewalks and cycle routes.

Pensacola, Florida, is a coastal town just in from the border of the state of Alabama, situated to the north. Navarre Beach is further east and situated on a beach ridge just offshore. The beach line is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore nature preserve, and other beaches are also featured and protected along this shoreline.

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