How Many Miles Are There Between England And Morocco?


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The distance between England and Morocco in miles is 1297. In kilometres the distance between the two works out to 2088 kilometres and in nautical miles it is 1127. This is air distance. Keep in mind that you can adjust the distance depending on which cities you are planning to travel to and the airport locations.

Morocco is a country situated in North Africa. It has a long coast on the Atlantic Ocean. It is actually the only country in Africa that is not presently a member of the African Union. Despite this however Morocco is not only a member of the Arab Maghreb Union and the Arab League but is also a major non-NATO ally of America.

England is the biggest and most heavily populated country of the United Kingdom. In fact it accounts for approximately eighty five percent of its population. It was only in 1707 that the Kingdom of Great Britain came in to existence prior to this the Kingdom of England was a separate entity.

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