How Far Is Cork From Killarney?


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The distance between Cork to Kilarney is approximately 88 kilometres, according to the websites. If you are driving down to Cork, it will take around one hour and twenty seven minutes. It depends upon the speed of driving. It is possible that you might pass through any of these prominent landmarks; St Margaret's road, Rock road, Bandon road Roundabout, Washington Street, St Patrick's street and Merchants Quay.

Cork is a city situated in the southern part of Ireland. It is located near the Cork Harbour, which is an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean. Danes occupied Cork in the ninth century and in the year 1649, it was occupied by Cromwell. The estimated population of people residing in this area is around 132,010. It is also known as the Sea Port city.

You will find numerous bridges which were made to cross the oldest part of Cork. This part is located is an island located in the center of north and south of Lee River.

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