How Far Is Flamingo Land From Scarborough?


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The distance between Kirby Misperton and Scarborough is 16.69 miles and 26.86 kilometres. Kirby Misperton is the village which lies adjacent to Flamingo Land and hence the distance between flamingo land and Scarborough is also approximately the same give or take a couple of kilometres.

Flamingo Land Theme Park and Zoo is as its name suggests a popular Theme Park in England. This theme park is located in the Countryside of North Yorkshire and spans an area of 375 acres. It is based in the Ryedale district North Yorkshire. This place is famous because it is the only site in the country where you can find a theme park, a zoo and a holiday resort all in the same place. Scarborough is a town in North Yorkshire, England.
This place is connected to other places with the help of the rail track which passes through it and is served by the Scarborough railway station. This town is a very big holiday resort town in North Yorkshire.

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