Can I Import The Rockability Clothes From China To Pakistan?


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Nouman Umar answered
Yes it is very easy to import the Rockability clothes from the China to Pakistan. So in order to proceed for the Imports of the garments you need to have import license if you are directly importing your clothes byself so once you have got the license to import from the China you can easily import it from the China. So there are two ways to get the imported rockabilly clothes one is through the agent and second is through the going to China byself and you will be able to import your good directly from China.

So if you want to start your business on the very large scale and have good capital with you then it is better for you to go to the China and import byself after purchasing from there. But in the other case you have limited capital and you want to start your business on retail level it is best to purchase from some agent who will supply you products at your shop. So select the method which ever you like the best for you. China is making the clothes at very cheap rates so this is good for you to start your own business by importing the product from China.

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