What Is The Closest Ocean Beach From Knoxville Tennessee?


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The closest ocean beach to Knoxville, Tennessee is actually the Isle of Palms beach, in South Carolina. If you're going to travel by the car then it should take you around six hours, or more precisely, five hours and 58 minutes.

  • Traveling there
If you're looking to travel to the beach then you have a couple of options. Given that this is such a huge way away then you probably aren't looking at having a 'day out at the beach'. Instead, it's going to have to be a short vacation.

If you're traveling this far, too, then you are probably going to consider public transport. Most people will use the train system or a coach to get this far, as they offer cheap and comfortable travel over long distance.

Traveling in the car can be really tiring, and driving whilst tired really isn't the best idea. Not to mention, the amount you spend on gas for the car could be a number of times more expensive than the amount you would have to pay for the public transport option either on the train or a coach.

You should really consider the way you want to travel before you do anything. If you really do want to travel by car but you're perhaps worried about the children being bored, then there's nothing to say you can't make the journey more of a road trip. You could provide entertainment for the children, and make regular stop offs to interesting and fun place whilst you are traveling. Maybe just every couple of hours you could stop off for a while, and maybe even stay in a motel to catch some rest. It can be more satisfying doing it this way as you have your own freedom, and it can be enjoyable stopping off on the way.

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