How Long Do I Need On My Passport To Travel To Amsterdam From Uk?


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Wherever you are traveling from in the world, you must claim a Netherlands Tourist Visa before traveling to Amsterdam. To qualify for this, your passport must have at least three months of validity left, with the guideline for time left on your passport actually being six months. It is also dependent on how long you are staying in Amsterdam for too. The Visa requirements to stay in Amsterdam are quite strict and include the following:

• You must have a letter of employment or some evidence of your last three pay checks. This is to show that you have enough income to ensure that you can sufficiently fund yourself for the duration of your trip to Amsterdam.
• If you are going to visit relatives or friends, you must get them to write an official invitation letter which must be certified by the Netherlands' City Hall with a copy of their passport also. This is to ensure that you are actually visiting who you intend to visit and that they are not made up for a made up stay, meaning that nobody will take advantage of their Visa application. This is especially handy if people are claiming they are seeing a relation, as the 'relative' has to confirm that it's legitimate.
• If you are staying in a hotel for tourism purposes, you must supply the name of the accommodation where you will be staying, the address and location of the hotel and also the phone number of said hotel or apartments. This is to make sure that you do not disappear from your hotel and try and become an illegal immigrant, as the hotel will know if you have stayed in the hotel and can inform the police if you have seemingly disappeared.

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