How Far Is Japan From California?


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The answer to this question isn’t as clear cut as you would think. First of all, you need to determine where in California you are measuring from. As the length of the Californian coast is an astounding 1,239 km, the answer you receive varies on whether you measure from the north or the south. In addition, once you consider the length of the Japanese coastline (which stands at 35,000km), there is a margin for error.

To make things simple, it’s best to measure from a well-known location in California, Los Angeles, to the capital of Japan: Tokyo. In total, the distance between these two regions is 8,815 km. When converted into miles, this is 5,478 miles in total.

Assuming that there wasn’t any traffic, and that you drove continually without taking a break, you would be able to reach either destination in just 96 hours by car. The time difference between Los Angeles and Tokyo also stands at 16 hours, when a new day is beginning at 7.00am in California, it is drawing to a close in the Japanese capital, with the time being 11.00pm. Some of the key challenges that professionals face include trading on the stock market and finding an agreeable time to conduct business deals, and this is why many companies work through London’s GMT.

There are some differences that need to be accounted for in Daylight Savings Time, too. In some cases, equatorial countries may not decide to adjust their clocks forwards and backwards, and this may cause further differences in time zones.
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