How Can I Apply For The UK Home Office Settlement Visa Renewal Form?


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The form you are required to fill out to extend your stay in the UK will depend upon the grounds on which you were admitted into the country in the first place. Read on to find out which form may be relevant to you.

How can I get a settlement visa extension?

When someone applies to 'settle' in the UK, they usually apply for a document known as an 'indefinite leave to remain'.

By definition, this permission to settle in the UK does not require renewal, as it essentially allows the holder to permanently reside in the UK - because you have been deemed to meet the criteria set by the UK Border Agency at the time of your application.

A document that would allow you 'temporary settlement' and which would be subject to expiry is the 'discretionary leave to remain'.

This may be the document you are referring to and is only issued for an initial period of up to 3 years. Following this period, your case will be re-examined by an immigration official once you've submitted a HPDL form.

How is my settlement visa reviewed?

Each individual case will be different, so there isn't one precise answer to this question. It will essentially depend on the grounds you applied for settlement in the first place, and whether they are still relevant or whether new factors have come into play.

An explanation of the overall process of 'active review' that all cases undergo can be found on the UK border agency website.

Returning to the UK as a resident

Another situation that might require someone who has settled in the UK to submit paperwork to be allowed access to the country is in the case of someone who has successfully applied for residence status in the past, but who has since relocated to another county and is now interested in returning to live in the UK.

For people in this situation, the visa form you will need to submit is known as VAF4B.

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