What Is The Distance From Frankfurt To Nuremberg, Germany?


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From Frankfurt it takes approximately two hours and twelve minutes to reach Nuremberg. It is a 227 kilometre journey from Frankfurt to Nuremberg. The journey starts from Hasengasse towards Berliner and ends at Nurnberg Germany. If you want to see the route map and need help with direction you can check, .

Frankfurt is the largest city in the state of Hesse. After cologne, Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, Frankfurt is the fifth largest city in Germany. The Frankfurt urban area, which even crosses the city boundaries, is estimated to have a population of 1,468,140. By the end of 2006 it was 661,877. Frankfurt Rhine is Germany's second largest metropolitan city.

Nuremberg is a city in state of Bavaria in Germany. It is located in the administrative region in middle Franconia. It lies at about 105 miles north of Munich. By the end of year 2006, the estimated population here was 500,132.

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