How Far Of A Drive Is It From Trenton, NJ To Myrtle Beach, SC?


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Taylor Edgar answered
Trenton, New Jersey to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a little over 630 miles, so you can reckon on a journey like that taking in the order of ten and half hours of solid driving, plus fuel and rest stops along the way.

I have set up basic driving directions for you at Follow the link and click the Revise link and enter the addresses of your starting and finishing points. This will update the timing and distance, as well as providing you with door to door directions.

Use the Advanced options located on the right hand side of the page to convert the driving directions in a manner of different ways such as shortest distance, reverse direction, and to avoid toll roads, highways and seasonally closed roads. The directions also contain several links to maps for each section of the journey.

Also, by scrolling to the foot of the page, it is possible to add in other locations along the route. For example, places you may wish to spend the night or stop off at for a meal.

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