What Is The Distance From Mobile Al To Gulfport Ms?


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These two cities are about 55 miles, or 89 kilometers apart; therefore, driving from one place to the other shouldn't take more than 90 minutes, depending on traffic and the rate of speed a driver chooses.

  • Mobile, Alabama Facts
Mobile, Alabama is a southerly American state located near the Gulf Coast. Named for an Indian tribe called the Mobilians, Mobile was also the home of French explorers who colonized the region. Today, Mobile, Alabama is a cultural hub that offers beautiful classical symphony music, ballet, and prime examples of genteel Southern architecture from the 17th and 18th centuries.

  • Gulfport, Mississippi
Gulfport, Mississippi is the home to almost 70,000 people; this resort town offers pristine, white-sand beaches, stretched out along the scenic coastline of the Gulf of Mexico, and lively casinos that attract thousands of tourists annually. The city offers tons of fun festivals and yearly events to visitors, who enjoy the festive ambiance and pleasing climate of the region.

It's easy to calculate the distances between Mobile and Gulfport, by finding online distance calculators that tell the user exact distances between any two locations. Often, these services only work for one location, but interested people can also hunt down international versions that also feature flight times between cities or international departure points and destinations.

Driving from Mobile to Gulfport can be a pleasure, as these scenic areas are quite close together. A trip from Mobile to Gulfport (and back again) can be completed in as little as a day, and it also makes for a fun weekend (or long weekend) getaway. Many Mobile, Alabama natives travel between the two cities on a regular basis. With so many attractions, natural wonders, shopping areas, and fine dining establishments, both coastal cities have a great deal to offer to residents and visitors.
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85 miles

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