How Can I Get Tourist Visa In Dubai I am A Filipino?


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To begin this process, visit your local embassy and ask what papers are required to visit Dubai. If you don't have a criminal record or some other black mark against you, it shouldn't be too difficult to get approval for this sort of request. After all, Dubai, which has really turned into to a playground for the international elite, encourages tourism and actively solicits it. All you need to do is contact a Dubai embassy and ask for a set of rules and procedures you need to follow. Then, you can begin to fill out applications and other papers you need to get a visa.

  • Contact your government

If there's no Dubai embassy in Manila or elsewhere in your South East Asian island, simply write to your government asking for the information you need, or other contact information (in other words, a referral to someone who knows). It's very important to get things organized long before you plan to fly to Dubai.

Whether you are traveling for school, business, or pleasure, you must be certain you've crossed all of your "T's" and dotted all of your "I's". It's vital to do some research and legwork before you prepare a passport and visa application for a trip. Your local passport office has likely seen and heard it all - they've fielded countless questions about traveling to other nations, so they are excellent people to contact regarding this sort of scenario.

It's entirely possible that you can get the forms you need right from your government, or from the passport office. A few emails or phone calls, made from the comfort of your home, can shed a lot of light on matters.

To locate embassies, passport offices, and government institutions related to international travel and affairs, do Google searches for your city name, plus keyword terms such as "Travel visa office" or "Dubai embassy".
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I don't know about tourism...  but if you are looking to work, I personally wouldn't bother. Wages are very low, work is hard, conditions are unfair and bordering on illegal, and you will return home with less money that you came with sometimes! 

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I have been working in the USA for about a year on a TN visa, which I have thanks to, and when the moment comes when I need to change my visa, these guys do this job in a split second. This is very useful when there is such a service, when you can already go to work for a short time. They sweep even the most current news on their website, which is very important for people who earn money abroad

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