What Are The Tourist Visa Requirements For Filipino?


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The tourist visa requirements for Filipino citizens will depend on which country is being visited. Each country, such as the United States of America, Canada, England or Sweden (to name just a few) will have their own government regulations regarding how people from the Philippines may enter their country on tourist visas. To learn more about tourist visa requirements, a person in the Philippines should contact the Embassy of the country they will be visiting. By making contact with such an embassy, a person can begin to wind through the red tape of applying for a tourist visa to another country. In some cases, it will be quite easy to secure a visa, as long as the Philippines citizen has the right identification, such as a valid passport, and a clean criminal record.

Obstacles To Getting A Tourist Visa

• A criminal record may be a deterrent to receiving a tourist visa; many countries frown on letting in people who may go on to commit crimes while in their countries. For this reason, a clean criminal record can be helpful when a person from the Philippines applies for a tourist visa for another country. Drug offenses, violent acts, and any association with terrorists (or suspected terrorists) may be examined by staff before they can decide who is rewarded with a tourist visa.
• Invalid Passport/No Passport - A passport is a vital document that is required as identification before a person can travel to countries outside of the Philippines. Many different types of identification are necessary to secure a passport - often, these include birth certificates, proof of address, references etc. Therefore, a valid passport is a powerful tool that will help a person in the Philippines to get a tourist visa. Without a passport (or a valid passport), a person may have great difficulty getting the visa they want.  

Ensuring that the right identification is in place, and then contacting an Embassy will be excellent ways to ensure a positive end result when a person tries to secure a tourist visa in the Philippines.

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