What Is The Closest Beach From Wv?


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The closest beach to West Virginia is the Colonial Beach. It is the second to largest beach in the entire state, being about two hours and forty five minutes away from the town of Martinsburg in West Virginia. It is also approximately three hours away in a car from the West Virginian town of Romney. The beach is renowned for the amount of hurricanes that have changed the beach over time, although there are still plenty of things to do at the beach today. It is still an incredibly popular spot, boasting many restaurants, shops and hotels, meaning that business are still thriving in Colonial Beach. Famous people such as George Washington, former President, were born here.

There are also a number of other beaches that aren't too far away from the Colonial Beach, if the beach is too full or just not the place you'd like to visit:

• Virginia Beach: Virginia Beach is the state's most popular and largest spot for the summertime. It's constantly teaming with young, beautiful people out to get a tan and enjoy themselves with friends in the sea. Not to mention the families who go to have fun days out in the beautiful weather beside the sea. Sandcastles and volley ball galore at Virginia Beach!
• Buckroe Beach: Arguably just as fun as Virginia Beach, but slightly smaller in volume and literal size, Buckroe Beach is packed full of fun things to do. If you're the ocean loving, adventurous mountaineer type, you'll love Buckroe Beach! You can even do activities such as kayaking and even paddlecrafting. The list is endless when it comes to this action packed beach.
• Finally, Chippokes Plantation State Park offers a completely different type of beach experience. There are two beaches full of professional sports fishers, enjoying their day in the sun looking out onto the horizon whilst enjoying a spot of fishing.

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