How To Apply Korean Tourist Visa?


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To apply for a tourist visa you will need to contact a South Korean consulate, embassy or visa advice center in your country of origin.
They will process your application for a small fee, and may require supporting documentation.

Do I need a visa to travel to South Korea?

Before you begin your visa application process, though, it might be worth making sure whether you even require a visa in the first place!

South Korea has diplomatic agreements in place with several countries which mean that citizens of these nations can travel to South Korea for a specified period of time without even needing a visa (provided they are not entering the country to seek employment).

South Korea has different visa requirements depending on your country of origin and whether or not you have diplomatic or governmental ties. To find out whether you will require a visa to enter South Korea, check out the Visit Korea website.

Applying for a tourist visa to South Korea

Once you've determined that you do need a visa to visit South Korea, you will be required to download a Visa Application Form - which you will then need to fill out and return to the relevant South Korean visa authority in your country.

You will also be required to provide various forms of documentation in support of your application, the most basic of which will be:

- A valid passport.

- 2 Passport size photos

Contact details for South Korean visa applications

If you've managed to get together all the required documentation, the next step would be to submit your application. Depending on the country you are applying for, you might need to approach the South Korean embassy, a consulate, or even a dedicated Visa Application Center.

All the contact information regarding the relevant authority is available on the internet. For example the details for the South Korean embassy in the Phillipines is located here, whilst contact details for South Korean visa applications in India can be found here.
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You can find out about the exact documentation requirements from their website or some other source like the embassy or some counselor. You can also find a lot of information regarding Korean visas on this website:
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