I Have Recently Gained A Criminal Record(minor Offence)but Am Now Worried I Can't Get A Visa Into Various African Countries. I Am Meant To Be Travelling There Part Of My Gap Year, Can I Still Get A Visa?


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Unfortunately, some countries may not accept your visa application if you have a criminal record, even if what you did was very minor and has happened years ago. I knew people who received criminal records for having participated in illegal, but non-violent street demonstrations as college students. In many cases, you can ask for a special waiver to visit a country with visa requirements, even if you have a criminal record. What this sometimes requires is a special letter of permission signed by the minister or immigration, or the equivalent. I recommend that you contact these embassies in advance and perhaps even go in for an interview with a consular officer. This will allow you to explain your situation and ask if you may require a waiver.
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Hi i also have a criminal record a minor 1. Now i can't get ajob anyhwere in South Africa and am an auditor by proffession so abvously auditing firm can't hire someone who has it. What can i do. Its an incident that happend in 2007 now its 2009 and i have presidential pardon forms and stated that only if it's 10years old i cannot wait for that long. Al be very old by then. Please help me
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I got a criminal record last august for posses to intent to supply class c.can I go amsterdam for 4 days holiday?

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