What Is The Closest Beach To Valdosta Ga?


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From Valdosta, Georgia, in the USA, you are virtually in the middle of two coasts, the Atlantic and the Mexican Gulf. 
Out towards the east coast, the nearest beach to you is probably Fernandina beach. This is approximately 124 miles away from you. It is on Amelia Island, an island just off the Florida coast. It offers good facilities for sports, and has a golf course nearby. It also has a good marina and is renowned for fishing. It is home to Fort Cinch, which is a Florida state park and is a very well preserved 19th century fort. Fernandina beach is also home to the museum of history, which looks at Florida’s history starting from over 4000 years ago.
On the south-west coast, in the Mexican Gulf, you have Apalachee Bay, which is more of a nature-based resort. This is slightly further away from where you are currently. The area around here is ideal for walking, cycling, pony trekking and other outdoor adventures. It is a lot more nature-based than the eastern resort. There are a variety of stunning waterfalls in this area as well. Apalachee Bay is also a brilliant place to catch trout. 
There are various beaches up and down these coasts that are not too far away from you. Try using Google Maps to identify which destinations look right for you. From here, you can then research the destinations and see which one has the facilities that you are looking for ahead of your holiday or trip.
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Jacksonville Fla it is an hour and a half away give or take 2 hours
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Jacksonville is the best place to visit. Georgia is one of the beautiful country all over the world. Lots of things to do in georgia and many attractions in albany side.

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