What Is The Closest Beach To Harrisonburg, Virginia?


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There are at least four beaches that are closest to Harrisonburg, Virginia. These four beaches are in order of distance:

• Dunlap Beach.
• Lunenburg Beach.
• The Sands.
• Clifton Beach.

Visit this website through the following link to see a map which pinpoints the locations of the four beaches listed above:

There are obviously more than four beaches that are close to Harrisonburg, Virginia, but the four listed above are the ones that are closest.

By clicking on each of the four beach icons that are shown on the map, you will be able to view the longitude and latitude coordinates of that beach which you can then input into your Sat Nav without having to worry about getting the directions yourself. But always be sure to double check that your Sat Nav has found the correct beach.

If you don't own a Sat Nav then the easiest way to get directions is Google Maps, which can be found by following this link:

Click on the 'get directions' tab and then type in Harrisonburg, Virginia as your 'A' location and the beach you wish to visit as your 'B' location. You will then be presented with a list of directions and an estimation as to how long it will take you to get there via that particular route.

When it comes to planning out a journey, you must remember to leave plenty of room for arriving at your destination and leaving it, especially if you are just doing a day trip. This is because the time estimation you are given could be completely incorrect or you could decide to go a different route which takes longer. There could even be unavoidable circumstances such as road works, roads being closed or extreme weather conditions that may cause delays to your journey or may cause you to take a longer route.

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