How Do I Renew My British Passport?


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Nowadays, renewal of British passports can take place irrespective of the place individuals are living in. No matter if the individual is living in Australia, New Zealand or any other place in the world, the British passport renewal is not a problem.

Renewal of British passport is the responsibility of the department of the Identity and Passport Services (IPS). There is a standard procedure that the individual has to follow in order to get the passport renewed.

However, in order to get the passport renewed, the passport holder will have to pay a little cost. The cost that will have to be borne will depend on whether the passport holder needs a standard service, an urgent service or a premium service.

The renewal procedure is as follows:

Initially, the passport holder will have to get and fill an application form. One way to get the form is to get it online from the IPS website.

The form can be filled and submitted online, after which the IPS will send the hardcopy of the completed form to be signed and returned with the supporting documents. Apart from this, a hardcopy of the form can also be received from the post office branch that offers a check and send amenity.

Furthermore, the individual can also ask the IPS to send a hardcopy of the form. Once the request has been sent, form will be sent within five working days.

The individual applying for passport renewal needs to sign the form cautiously ensuring that the sign matches with the one that is present on the current or the last passport. If in case, the signs differ, the individual needs to have a British or an Irish person above the age of eighteen, who knows the person for at least two years and is willing to countersign the application form.

Provide all the required supporting documents along with the application form.

Once the new passport has been received, the old passport will be cancelled out by the IPS.

For more information about the renewal process, following links can be visited:
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Here is a useful link from the British high commission from where you can get the exact information on how to renew your passport. Have a look:
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My uk passport has expired in I want to renew it so what ll I do?what documents are needed please help me
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Could you tell me how much it costs to renew my british passport in the u.s cause I,m due to send my passport in may 2010
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HELP.  Living in South Africa and wanting to renew my British passport for the 3rd time. Completed forms and asked travel agent to arrange this as she did 10 years ago at a cost.  Now it has been returned to her with regard to 1A I applied for fist passport in late 70's in Durban (Father British). They want document number and date of issue which I no longer have. Is this definitely necessary after 30years?.  Also supplied father's birth certificate and marriage certificate (copies) as I did previously without a problem as I no longer have original. Surely as a third renewal this should not be necessary.  If this is in fact the case how and where would I obtain original documentation?  I am also in possession of a National Insurance Card having worked in Scotland for a year, could this help with the process?  Thanks so much
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My son's Passport is going to expire in December 2010,
can I renew now or I have to wait

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