I Have UAE Residence Visa But Filipino National, How Can I Obtain Tourist Visa In U.S.A?


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Go visit US Embassy in the country you are residing at the moment. You have to provide the invitation letter from your brother in law, bank statement and other related documents to apply. For details, visit US Immigration Official website.

Visit ' target='_blank' class='qa'>www.unitedstatesvisas.gov
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The good news is you don't have to go back to Manila and deal with the backlog and discrimination at the Roxas US Embassy. Since you're a resident in UAE, you can go to a US consul office there. The bad news is that with tourist visas, they don't care about family sponsorship. You have to prove that you have funds and intend to come back. Mentioning family in the States can be a red flag, in your case. Do everything you can to portray yourself as not-likely-to-overstay, a tourist with means. Since you're in a country with lots of OFWs, that might be difficult.

Good luck!

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The american USCIS don't care if  you have a UAE residence visa ,my advice is try to apply and
show them all the supporting document they need from and from your sponsor..God bless you..

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